Who is SDL?

SDL is the leader in global customer experience management powering localization and communication solutions for many of the world's top brands. SDL is also a leading Machine Translation provider and a multiple patent holder of Machine Translation algorithms.    

Some of our notable products include:

- SDL Trados Studio (Computer-assisted translation software)

- SDL Tridion (Web content management)

- SDL LiveContent (Customer engagement management)

- SDL BeGlobal (Automated translation)

- SDL Media Manager (Video and rich media marketing tool)

- SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite (Analytics driven customer engagement and marketing)

- SDL Fredhopper (eCommerce Marketing)

- SDL SM2 (Social media monitoring and brand awareness)

- SDL Translate ( A suite of translation tools for web and mobile, developed to showcase Language Cloud API capabilities)

- SDL Language Cloud ( Translation platform driven by Machine and Human Translation)

Find out more about SDL at : http://www.sdl.com/

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