What document file types do you support?

We currently support the following file formats:

Word (.doc, .docx)
Text (.txt)
PowerPoint (.ppt, pptx)
PDF (.pdf)*
OpenDocument  (.odt)

The maximum file size we support is 5 MB. 

If your file meets the above criteria but it was not translated, it's possible that special characters or graphic elements within the document are not compatible with our file processing service. Also, if it contains a large quantity of text (more than 10,000 words) you may need to split it up into smaller sections before translating. 

*Machine Translation for PDF files does not include formatting support. They will be returned as .txt files once translated. If the PDF is a scanned document, freetranslation.com is unable to process it for Machine Translation. Always try to use digital PDF files or the original Word, Text, or Office document.

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