Why Do I Need a Language Cloud Account?

With SDL Language Cloud you can access both professional human translation services as well as Machine Translation technology via our Language Cloud API.

Here are some of the reasons you'll need to create a Language Cloud account:

  1. You want to get your documents professionally translated.
  2. You need to to translate a website or an application (ie. Localization)
  3. You're an LSP and you need Machine Translation (MT) to streamline operations
  4. You're a freelance translator and you want to add an MT subscription to your Studio projects
  5. You're an IT professional who needs to translate a systems dashboard in other languages
  6. You're an application developer and you want to create an app that uses translation
  7. You want to use the Microsoft Office translation Add-in
  8. You want to sign up for the SDL Translate tools on web or mobile

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